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My name is Benet Waterman and I am a fully qualified Independent Funeral Celebrant.

As I am not bound by any one particular approach to the funeral, this gives me a freedom in supporting those planning the Funeral Service and helps to ensure that the personal wishes of the person who has passed are fully respected and their life honoured.

Our society continues to grow and change in relation to personal views on matters of faith and death and dying, and increasingly people are looking for ways to 'say their own farewell' in their own way. Indeed, many people now plan their own Funeral Service.

My web-site will 'talk you through' the many opportunities open to you.

I believe that just as we get only one chance to make a first impression, so we have only one chance to say our final farewell in a sensitive, respectful and personal way and for this reason I am wholly committed to personalised funeral services.

It would be my privilege to support you.

Benet Waterman