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Charges for leading funeral services are variable depending upon location and any additional provision which is required. Similarly, where an individual is planning their own funeral service there are costs for discussion meetings and preparation of the content and order of the service. These will also vary according to location.

For leading the Funeral Service

My charges vary according to the location of the funeral, as travel expenses may need to be taken into account. The agreed basic charge is fully inclusive of:

  • a private meeting with the nearest to discuss the nature of the service and to plan for the content of tributes
  • preparation of the service
  • discussion to agree the final service details and the content of tributes
  • liaison with the Funeral Director and Burial or Crematorium staff
  • meeting the mourning party and leading the service

 For preparing the content and the order of a service with the person planning their own funeral arrangement

The charge will vary again according to location but an agreed basic charge will be fully inclusive of :

  • private meetings with the person concerned
  • preparation of a document setting out the person's Final Wishes
  • preparation of the content and order of service